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Welcome to the online home of What Makes Your Heart Sing, Dr. Rae‘s new book on well-being whole-life wellness for your business, professional and personal life.

What Makes Your Heart Sing reveals Dr. Rae‘s passion for life as she “lets go” the loves of her life.

As a unique opportunity, this website is for you to see the progress of this book from rough ideas to a finished product, and to handle what we expect to be tremendous interest in the book.

Your Weekly Message – One Minute ReportThe Ask Dr. Rae Bulletin readers and fans have been asking for Dr. Rae‘s next book since the ePublication of Motivational News You Can Use eBook in 2006.

So here is your sneak peek of sections of What Makes Your Heart Sing as they come together.

Topics to be covered in What Makes Your Heart Sing, have come mostly from Dr. Rae‘s decades as a Bioenergetic Analyst stress management educator entrepreneur and from many inspired by letters sent in by readers over the years.

The questions that began this book…

arrow  How do we manage and overcome stressors and stress reactions?

arrow  Are deadlines BIG stressors, and what can be done to minimize the impact deadlines have?

arrow  How can companies deal with the signs and symptoms of stress?

arrow  How do we know when we are stressed?

arrow  How do we deal with cultural stress differences?

arrow  How do we make our ‘style’ of stress count?

arrow  How can we tell the difference between stress and pressure?

arrow  How can being mindful help?

arrow  How does the Bioenergetic Analysis approach of “energy and letting go,” and its relationship to well-being whole-life wellness work?

arrow  How can Bioenergetic Analysis help in managing and overcoming stress reactions?

arrow  How do we deal with the emotions we are feeling at work?

arrow  How do we accept and express our emotions?

arrow  How do we market ourselves, and how do we know that we need help in finding a new marketing approach? 

arrow  What does being proactive mean, and how can we become proactive?

arrow  How can relationships be made easier?

arrow  What is self-esteem, and how does it impact our business life?

arrow  How can we change how we feel about ourselves?

arrow  How can we access the creative life-force, the élan connection with our employees?

arrow  How can we make intuition work for us in our business?

arrow  How can I help my employees manage their motivational blocks?

arrow  What can I do so that my employees are more self-directed?

arrow  I am committed to complete a project in 30 days, but I know that it should take 60 days to do it right. How do you suggest I proceed?

arrow  How can business be good for customers, employees and employers?

arrow  How can the stress my employees are feeling be overcome and reduced?

arrow  How do we make our hearts sing?

Dr. Rae welcomes your comments and suggestions.  Since she is still writing What Makes Your Heart Sing, she is willing to make changes based on your comments and suggestions.

Is there something that you want covered in more detail?

Do you have experiences you want to share?

Let us know because we welcome your input on what makes your heart sing,

The Baum Group for Dr. Rae



While preparing this manuscript for publication, my one, and only courageous dear daughter was fighting her life which she lost on December 20, 2007


I entered the field of stress education while writing my dissertation study [Opus 9 – Coda: My dissertation study] for my doctoral degree in Foundations of Education at the University of Pittsburgh.
While attending graduate classes studying for this degree – John Dewey, the world renowned educator made an impression on me with his statement ‘for any true learning to occur there must be an integration of body and mind’ so when I received an invitation to attend a introductory workshop on Bioenergetic Analysis with Alexander Lowen MD, and John Pierrakos MD on body-mind integration I knew I had to be in attendance.
And, the rest is history.
I began the training program after this introductory workshop traveling  monthly to Connecticut for training, and once a week to NYC for personal therapy, since the only way to do this work the requirement was to  know how to accept by being aware to get through body/mind issues before teaching this approach to others.
After four years of training in Connecticut,  I graduated from the Connecticut Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis in 1982, and began using this approach to deal with stress issues as a practitioner.
This approach changed my life by being more aware of my body signals/cues as they relate to my thoughts so I am more grounded, and integrated in my responses to others.
There is more on this approach here
I’ve also been influenced by others to listen to the body rather than thinking, since emotions/feelings are more accurate indicators to what is important, with the choice of sharing with others or not.
My 4-step approach to managing, and overcoming stressors: breathing – environment – attitude – nutrition, and stress indicators:  body cues/signals has evolved from being a bioenergetic analyst, and a life-long experiential learner.
Acceptance. acknowledgement, and  awareness are the keys to the 4-step approach in managing, and overcoming the changes in life; and using this 4-step approach everyday is simple, and highly effective.
While my client roster/client transformation is confidential I do have agreed upon testimonials here further information about me can be found here 

Opus 1 – Getting a Handle On Your Stress: Take control of your life

Being stress-free is not an option to living your life because you need stress to live and be creative in giving and receiving what you are here to give and receive.

Yes, you have a purpose.

Do you know yours?

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Opus 2 – Take Your Emotions Seriously: Your emotions determine your behavior

Did you know that when you stay in the “present” you are, and feel, much calmer?

Your body and your mind are in balance and there is less tension within you, and around you.

To get to this state of mind and body you must let go of your future and past thoughts.

This is not to say that you do no planning for the future or learn from your past, it just means when you catch yourself feeling tense, focus on the moment and begin feeling the difference.

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Opus 3Your Marketing and Sales Approach: A proactive approach

How many times have you heard “your business is only as good as your last sale?”

Does this statement get you looking at your marketing and sales approach; and the value of your promotional techniques?

Do you look at…

… anticipating the needs of your customers, your clients?

… being an expert at listening to your customers, your clients?

… focusing on new business by reminding people on what a great business you have?

… how many new big ideas you have each day?

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Opus 4 Building Relationships: Values and self-awareness

At times, relationships can be difficult and trying.

Building and maintaining every business and personal
relationship takes awareness, commitment — and lots
of work.

For one thing, taking responsibility for your actions in any
relationship requires you to take ownership of how you
react to any situation in your relationship.

Never give your power to anyone else; and never ever
give up

When you are aware of and know your values, your true
nature and your true purpose, you are able to transform
your relationships and the world.

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Opus 5Self-Esteem and Believing in Yourself: Always set the stage

Do you trust yourself?

Is your self-esteem and believing in yourself all that you want it to be?

Is your self-esteem and believing in yourself your number one priority?

Your self-esteem and believing in yourself takes time; time to listen to and learn from others and yourself. This process may cause you some stressful moments.

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Opus 6Paying Attention to Your Intuition: Creativity is a learned skill

Pay attention to your enthusiasm, your intuition is talking to

You receive your intuitive information through your feelings,
and your thoughts.

Spend time looking at what you want.

Trust yourself and your intuition by asking your intuition

Remember that developing your intuition – like creativiiy – is
a learned skill.

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Opus 7Motivation News You Can Use: Look for solutions not problems

Do you motivate yourself?
Do you wait for others to motivate you?
Is what motivates you all that you want it to be?
Is your motivation your number one priority?
What motivates you?

Motivation takes time — time to listen and learn to trust yourself.

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Opus 8Self-Direction and Your Élan Connection: Makes your heart sing

Did you know that your self-direction and your élan connection come from…

…focusing on what matters to you and what you want?

…listening to the lessons life gives you?


…your expectations? (So keep your expectations high and positive.)

…life’s purpose? (You do know what that is don’t you?)

Self-direction and your elan connection drive you to keep up-to-date
with change — as a lifelong learner.

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Opus 9 – Coda: My dissertation study

Among the many concepts of contemporary American education is the lack of clarity in educational direction.

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[This information is intended for your knowledge only. You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition, and situation]

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