Opus 2 – Take Your Emotions Seriously: Your emotions determine your behavior

Did you know that when you stay in the “present” you are, and feel, much calmer?

Your body and your mind are in balance and there is less tension within you, and around you.

To get to this state of mind and body you must let go of your future and past thoughts.

This is not to say that you do no planning for the future or learn from your past, it just means when you catch yourself feeling tense, focus on the moment and begin feeling the difference.

The goal is to stay “present” when you begin to lose your focus and your creativity.

When you are in the “present” you are in control of yourself which leads to wellness. Multi-tasking, doing many things at once does not.

After all, there is more to a day than you realize, the choice is yours.

[This addition posted on August 14, 2008]

According to Eckhart Tolle, most people treat the present moment as if it is an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is Life itself, this is an insane way to live.

Staying present in the moment helps you be aware; and helps you accept your intuition, your emotions, feelings and thoughts. With awareness and acceptance of your intuition, emotions, feelings and thoughts you are able to manage and overcome your stress reactions; and makes your heart sing.

The value you attribute to certain emotions has an effect on your behavior and your perception ideas, people places and things. There is a tendency to miss out on something of value because of your perception of the value you attribute to your emotions,

All emotions need to be released. When emotions are not accepted and expressed verbally they have a tendency to be released physically as sleeplessness, headaches, backaches, stomach disorders, fatigue, irritability, boredom and mood-swings.

Emotions when not accepted also tend to be released as abusive behaviors such as hitting, punching, name calling etc.

To express an emotion means that you tell the individual what he/she has done (or not done) makes you feel.

Statements such as “When you_________, I feel_________ is made not to manipulate the person to do things your way rather it is made for you to release your feelings and your emotions.

All emotions are OK.

It is what you do with them that counts.

How are letting go of your emotions and your feelings without talking about them?

How do you let go of your emotions and your feelings?

Letting go of your emotions and your feelings changes your behavior.

[This addition posted on April 23, 2009]

And, changes in your behavior may cause feelings of being overwhelmed with your life.

Here are ways to take your emotions seriously without feeling overwhelmed.

Be mindful of how you manage and use your emotions.

When your emotions are managed and used mindfully you are able to lead a more productive life.

Since a life with greater effectiveness and productivity needs energy, when emotions are used mindfully and managed effectively, you are able to use and release your energy to extend your personal limits, and accept change as an opportunity.

Accept change as an opportunity, and discover the benefits of the stress of taking your emotions seriously can become the driving force that helps you reach your goals.

Remember, avoiding stress is not necessarily healthier than seeking it out. The time to be concerned about your stress level is when you feel that your effectiveness or your health is at risk.

To avoid risking your effectiveness and your health, find your optimum level of stress, where there is just enough to avoid complacency, and not too much to cause burnout, headaches, stomach upsets, personality changes, restlessness, sleeplessness, fatigue, weight loss or gain.

>>>More on how-to take your emotions seriously coming soon.<<<


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