Opus 3 – Your Marketing and Sales Approach: A proactive approach

How many times have you heard “your business is only as good as your last sale?”

Does this statement get you thinking about your marketing and sales approach; and the value of your promotional techniques?

Do you think about…

… anticipating the needs of your customers, your clients?

… being an expert at listening to your customers, your clients?

… focusing on new business by reminding people on what a great business
   you have?

… how many new big ideas you have each day?

… what makes for a thriving business?

… what strategies you use to gain your customers, your clients?

… what your core strengths are? (You must know them to focus on and use

A proactive approach to your marketing and sales has promotional value and is all about going beyond what you know your realm of possibilities are.

Remember, your satisfied customers and clients do come back.

[This addition posted on September 23, 2008]

One of the most powerful proactive marketing strategy tool available for your business today is eMail. By using eMail, you are able to solidify your existing relationships, initiate new ones and convert visitors to your web site (you do have a web site don’t you?) into repeat and life-long customers and clients.

Realize the power of eMail marketing by targeting to the interests, needs, and wants of your customer and client base.

Knowing what is important to your customers and your clients motivates them to take action.

Anticipate your customers and your clients’ needs, and deliver more than expected.

[This addition posted on May 27, 2009]

Focus on being proactive, making a difference and trust in your marketing and sales approach.

Did you know that being proactive makes your marketing and sales projects go faster with less stress?

To complete your projects faster with less stress, plan and think through each project by visualizing the sequence of events required to achieve your goal in the fewest number of steps possible and include only those steps that are more effective and productive.

Be sure you remember to consider the consequences of your steps by asking yourself this question…

Can I live with the consequences of these steps?

You may be able to remove any stress-filled obstacle to your progress in achieving your goals before they happen when you know what consequences you are willing to accept.

This is being proactive.

>>>More on how-to think about your marketing and sales approach coming soon.<<<


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