Opus 4 – Building Relationships: Values and self-awareness

At times, relationships can be difficult and trying.

Building and maintaining every business and personal
relationship takes awareness, commitment — and lots
of work.

For one thing, taking responsibility for your actions
in any relationship requires you to take ownership
of how you react to any situation in your relationship.

Never give your power to anyone else; and never ever
give up.

When you are aware of and know your values, your true
nature and your true purpose, you are able to transform
your relationships and the world.

Are you aware of and do you know what you believe,
what you value and what is true for you?

Do you act from that place at all times?

What are your definitions of a relationship?

Do you live up to your definitions?

[This addition posted on October 28, 2008]

Inspiring relationships are the consummate of all relationships
in that each member “get” each other and “look out” for each
other since each member in these relationships usually have
shared beliefs and values.

Inspiring relationships are powerful in that each member is able
to “let go” of their “ego” for the blending of their common goals.

Inspiring relationships’ decision making are based on respect
rather than desire or fear which adds to and lends to their
longevity and popularity.

Inspiring relationships reach for the essence of living life in
balance and in harmony with one another.

Inspiring relationships tend to live in the moment, in the now,
and leave a legacy of hope, love and respect. 

Who would not want to live their life in and with inspiring

At the end of the day, have you made “inspiring relationships”
in your business, personal and professional life?

[This addition posted on June 30, 2009]

Are your business, personal and professional relationships all
that you want them to be?

Do you make building relationships your number one priority?

Do you trust those with whom you are building relationships?

Building relationships can be stressful.

Truly trusting and proactive relationships take time. Time to
listen to and learn from each other.

Are you ready to take your relationships to the next level?

Yes, you can choose to…

…create a lasting relationship.
…get out of your comfort zone to get to the next
   level of your relationships.
…invest in yourself while building your business
   and personal relationships.
…make a difference in each others lives.
…take building relationships seriously.
…use a proactive approach.and ask lots questions.

At the end of the day, the secret is…

You must be bold to be great in building relationships.

Whether for business, personal or professional reasons relationship
and/or team building is a necessary major skill required to achieve
one’s dream/goal, what ever the dream/goal is.

Here a few keys and guidelines to remember and use…

Look at the building process; not the content.

Relationship/team member participation is important.

Relationship/team member satisfaction is critical.

Capitalize on your differences.

Identify your goals.

Identify the relationship/team goals.

Identify and discuss the issues that block your relationship/team
building efforts.

Look at your conflict and empowerment issues.

Identify the conflict issues.

Identify the empowerment issues.

Build rapport by mirroring each other.

Understand audio, visual, and kinesthetic communication
styles. Identify your communication style preference:

Recognize behavioral cues that signal various communication styles.  
(This is one of keys to better and more effective communications)

[Source : J. William Pfeiffer and John E. Jones, A Handbook
of Structured Experiences for Human Relations Training

>>>More on how-to build inspiring relationships coming soon.<<<


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