Opus 5 – Self-Esteem and Believing in Yourself: Always set the stage

Do you trust yourself?

Is your self-esteem and believing in yourself all that you want it to be?

Is your self-esteem and believing in yourself your number one priority?

Your self-esteem and believing in yourself takes time; time to listen to
and learn from others and yourself. This process may cause you some
stressful moments.

To take your self-esteem and believing in yourself to the next level
you must choose to

…create a lasting impression.

…get out of your comfort zone.

…invest in yourself.

…make a difference.

…take your self seriously.

…use a proactive approach and ask “who is going to stop me?”

The secret to your self-esteem and believing in yourself is to be bold,
to be great, and to think big. Take what matters most to you and live
each day with culture, ideas and passion.

Remember to always set the stage.

[This addition posted on November 24, 2008]

Before you are able to set the stage to believe and trust yourself you
must learn to listen to your inner voice and live strong.
Here is how…
Appreciate life by choosing wisely, and choosing well. (Not choosing
is also a choice.)

Become aware of your strengths.
Believe in yourself, and stop sabotaging yourself. 
Remember, life is full of opportunities.
We all have learned scripts to manage our emotions.
These learned scripts may need some adjustments to reflect who
you are and what you want so that you “take charge of your life.”

[This addition posted on July 28, 2009]

To “take charge of your life” you must be willing to let go of your
self-defeating behavior.

Are your emotions, what you are feeling making you sick?

Suppressing your emotions/feelings is not the answer since these
emotions/feelings tend to show themselves in your attitude and in
your behavior.

Allow yourself to be open to the possibility that emotions/feelings
are just your emotions/feelings.

They are not you.

Do not let yourself be directed and motivated by them.

Since emotions/feelings are irrational, you are able to take control
of your life by making a decision to accept your emotions/feelings,
not act on them and then let them go so they don’t defeat you.

This can be accomplished by being aware of what you are feeling
moment to moment and asking:

1. Am I willing to let this emotion/feeling go?

2. Can I let this emotion/feeling go?

3. When am I going to let this emotion/feeling go?

>>>More on how-to believe and trust in yourself coming soon.<<<


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