Opus 6 – Paying Attention to Your Intuition: Creativity is a learned skill

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

~ Erich Fromm ~

Pay attention to your enthusiasm, your intuition is talking
to you.

You receive your intuitive information through your feelings,
and your thoughts.

Spend time thinking about what you want.

Trust yourself and your intuition by asking your intuition

Remember that developing your intuition – like creativity – is

a learned skill.

The secret to paying attention to your intuition is to be bold,

to think big and to pay attention to your enthusiasm.

Paying attention to your intuition takes time — time to listen

and learn to trust yourself.

Like your creativity, your intuition is a learned skill that may

cause you some distress.

Here are some questions that when answered may give you

some direction.

Do you trust yourself?

Is your life all that you want it to be?

Is your life your number one priority?

To take paying attention to your creativity, your intuition to

the next level you must choose to…

…get out of your comfort zone.

…invest in yourself.

…make a difference.

…take yourself seriously.

…use a proactive approach and ask “what is my purpose in life?”

By being open to and trusting your intuition and your creativity

you are able to change your life into one that is extraordinary.

[This addition posted on December 25, 2008]

Intuition is being used here as spirituality, and spirituality is

defined as “the quality or state of being spiritual” and is being

used in this book as a “connection to something ‘greater’ than

oneself.” [Source : Wikipedia.com]

Are you a spiritual, intuitive, creative being in physical form

or are you a physical being searching for your spirituality,

your intuition, your creativity?

You are all of the above. You are spiritual, intuitive, creative

and physical.

Your aspirations are spiritual, intuitive and creative; your safety

and comfort are physical.

Your spiritual aspiration, your intuitive aspiration, your creative

aspiration is to grow; and your physical aspiration is to keep

things as they are.

Knowing what you want to achieve plays a critical part in

achieving either aspirations.

Here are some ideas to consider…

Your spirituality, your intuition, your creativity are aesthetic

concepts, not religious ones.

Your spirituality, your intuition, your creativity is rooted

in universal human awareness.

Religion has rituals, spirituality, intuition, creativity does not.

Your spirituality, your intuition, your creativity come to you

in different ways at different times.

According to Deepak Chopra, M.D., when you stay in the

present moment without fear and judgment you let go of

your self-image, and experience your spirituality, your

higher self.

You experience your higher self, your intuition, your creativity

in situations when you feel a level of contentment and peace.

You experience your higher self, your intuition, your creativity

in all of your activities when you are mindful of and know

your perception of the work, your belief system and your


Bottom line…

Get out of your comfort zone by focusing on what really

matters to you while asking yourself these questions…

What do I want to achieve and reach?

What thoughts do I have about myself and my ability to

achieve and reach what I want?

What feelings do I have about myself that may influence

my ability to achieve and reach what I want?

Do I really want to achieve and reach what I want?

At the end of the day, your intuition makes your heart sing.

[This addition posted on September 1, 2009]

Paying attention to and tapping into your creative intuition,

your inner voice resource — is setting your intention on what

you want, and goes like this…

Create a quiet environment, free from distractions and begin

to think about what you want.  Focus on and set your intention

on what you want help with, what you want to create in your


Keep your breathing open and let your body relax as you think

about your intention.  Do this as long as you feel comfortable,

and continue to do this exercise whenever you want.  

The length of time and frequency is your choice.

Do not force nor expect anything right away.  Just become

aware of the changes in your life.

So put your creative intuitive intention out there and see your

desires and goals arrive when they are suppose to arrive.

This exercise works for many, experience it for yourself and

notice that creativity, intuition and you is about having the

ability to create; being creative.

By definition, creativity is…

…being imaginative rather than imitative.

…causing something new to happen.

…investing with and in a new form.

…making and bringing into existence something new.

…producing and bringing about by a new course of action

   and behavior.

…producing through imaginative skill.

…setting up new opportunities.

…thinking outside the box.

By changing the way you look at things — see yourself achieving

and maintaining your peak and effective creative performance

in your daily life

We look forward to encouraging and supporting you on your

creative and intuitive journey.

>>>More on how-to pay attention to your intuition coming soon.<<<


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