Opus 7 – Motivation News You Can Use: Look for solutions, not problems

Do you motivate yourself?
Do you wait for others to motivate you?
Is what motivates you all that you want it to be?
Is your motivation your number one priority?
What motivates you?

Motivation takes time — time to listen and learn to trust yourself.

By trusting yourself, you change your life from ordinary to one that
is extraordinary and remarkable.

This process may cause you some stress.

To take your motivation to the next level you must choose to…

…get out of your comfort zone.
…invest in yourself.
…make a difference.
…take yourself seriously.
…use a proactive approach, and look for solutions.

The secret to motivation is being bold, confident, and looking for BIG.

[This addition posted on January 25, 2009]

A recent poll on www.YourStressMatters.com showed the following results from 28 respondents.

Help Others — 29%
Make Money — 14%
Be Famous — 11%
Be Loved — 11%
Have a Meaningful Life — 36%

Motivation comes from listening to the lessons life gives you.

Motivation comes from within.

Motivation comes from your life’s purpose.

Motivation comes from your expectations, so keep your expectations high and positive.

Ever wonder what stops you from achieving what you want?  Start by being aware of your self-imposed barriers. Become aware of your thoughts, behaviors and habits, especially the ones that are hurting you. Do you perceive things negatively?

Do you procrastinate, overeat, overreact, avoid conflicts? Are you disorganized?

You can overcome self-sabotage by first being aware of how you sabotage yourself.  You will see amazing results once you decide to accept and change these self-imposed barriers. The choice is yours!

Yes, the choice is yours to have options to remain motivated; to remain calm when you start to lose your temper; to stay effective when you are upset; and productive when you feel overwhelmed.

So what does it take to be motivated and overcome self-sabotage? It takes courage and self-discipline. Yes indeed, it takes courage and self-discipline to say No! to the thoughts, behaviors and habits that are hurting you and getting in the way of getting what you want.

It takes looking for solutions, and not problems.

You can improve your relationship with yourself and others.  Overcoming self-sabotage is your chance to develop the motivation and the self-esteem that you and others respond to and respect.

>>>More on how-to be motivated by looking for solutions, and not problems coming soon.<<<


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