Opus 9a – Coda: StressBytes & StressTips

Have you ever wondered what words are more convincing, more inspiring, more motivational, and more powerful? Words that make you world rock. words that make your heart, and world sing?   I have, and this series of StressBytes, and StressTips  have been created, and designed to just that for your consideration…

  • Just imagine starting your day with breathing naturally, and normally.
  • Just imagine your day saving your energy by being, and doing only in the present moment
  • Just imagine not thinking for just this momen

Leaders excel in stress, and time management keys by managing, overcoming, and reducing their stress levels with the following StressBytes, and StressTips.

                                       . . .
  • StressByte 1048:  Being quick in the present moment transforms your intentions into fascinating key results!To be continued…
  • StressByte 1049:  Being resilient during disruptive moments helps by focusing on what matters!
  • StressByte 1050:  Being supported, and supportive are powered by love, loyalty, and respect!
  • StressByte 1051:  Being tenacious is grounded in knowing, and getting exactly what is wanted!
  • StressByte 1052:  Being uncertain is an essential part of creativity, learning, and trusting!
  • StressByte 1053:  Being vigilant lowers distress, and eustress!
  • StressByte 1054:  Being warmhearted closes the gap between people. The choice is yours!
  • StressByte 1055:  Your years reflect your mastery, meaning, and motivation of life, and living!
  • StressByte 1056:  Your agility is needed for your creativity, leadership. and learning!
  • StressByte 1057:  Your breathing is a valuable tool for relaxation!

To be continued…


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