Opus 9b – Coda: What if…


Questions beginning with “what if…”
inspire, and motivate creative empowering solutions.
The choice is yours.
Ask your “what if…” questions here…


What if…

…challenges create opportunities for others, and for your self?

…challenging your self today is stressful?

…distress, and eustress are the reactions that need your attention?

…every day you make someone happy?

…leadership is about using creativity, and enthusiasm to encourage, inspire, and support others to be great, and do great things  while staying true to your word, principles, and core values of working together as a family using teamwork to contribute daily to the quality of life?

…life is chasing you, are you going to stop?

…moving from being a “transactional handler” to a “trusted advisor” lowers your distress, and eustress?

…silencing others, and your self is your distress, and eustress reaction?

…stressful situations are resolved being aware of attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of the situation?

…there is creativity, encouragement, enthusiasm, and support in your life?

…there is incredible power in your words?

 To be continued…


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