Opus 9c – Coda: Acknowledgements of Key People

Thank you all for your guidance, inspiration, patience, and wisdom for me to grab hold on, and grow. Thumbs up to all who have been instrumental in getting this heart-felt expression of life, and living to this awesome conclusion.

I know who you are, and you know who you are. Now let our readers know who you are…

* Barbara Baker

* Elaine Tuccillo-Baum, PhD [RIP]

* Scott Baum, PhD

* John Bellis, MD [RIP]

* Chris Brogan

* Jim Busis

* Penny Crary, PhD

* Ryland Crary, PhD [RIP]

* Abbie Drew

* Kevin Eikenberry

* Jonathan Farrington, PhD

* Seth Godin

* Jeffrey Gitomer

* Leo and Rochelle Goldberg

* Sally Hogshead

* Shel Israel

* Byron Katie

* Carl Kirsch, MD

* Robert Lewis, MD

* Alexander Lowen MD [RIP]

* Scott Miner

* John Pierrakos MD [RIP]

* Terry Santino

* Mark Schaefer

* Brian Solis

* Jayme Soulati

* Ken Steinberg

* Liz Strauss

* Adelaide Sukiennik

* Eckhart Tolle

* Jamie Wallace

* Marcia Yudkin

* Robert Zimmerman, MD

To be continued…

In the event anyone has been overlooked… you have my deepest apology, and regret.

You all have touched my heart, and my soul that helped me grow with lessons learned; and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


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