Opus 4 – Building Relationships: Values, and Self-awareness

…the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.  And if you find someone to love the you, you love… Well, that’s just fabulous.

~ Candace Bushnell ~

When you hold my hand you hold my heart, and my soul.

~ Source Unknown ~

At times, relationships can be difficult, and trying.

Building and maintaining every business, and personal relationship takes awareness, commitment — and lots of work.

For one thing, taking responsibility for your actions in any relationship requires you to take ownership of how you react to any situation in your relationship.

Never give your power to anyone else, and never ever give up.

When you are aware of, and know your values, your true nature, and your true purpose, you are able to transform your relationships, and the world.

Are you aware of, and do you know what you believe, what you value, and what is true for you?

Do you act from that place at all times?

What are your definitions of a relationship?

Do you live up to your definitions?

[October 28, 2008]

Inspiring relationships are the consummate of all relationships in that each member “get” each other, and “look out” for each other since each member in these relationships usually have shared beliefs, and values.

Inspiring relationships are powerful in that each member is able to “let go” of their “ego” for the blending of their common goals.

Inspiring relationships’ decision making are based on respect rather than desire or fear which adds to and lends to their longevity, and popularity.

Inspiring relationships reach for the essence of living life in balance, and in harmony with one another.

Inspiring relationships tend to live in the moment, in the now, and leave a legacy of hope, love, and respect.

Who would not want to live their life in, and with inspiring relationships?

At the end of the day, have you made “inspiring relationships” in your business, personal, and professional life?

[June 30, 2009]

Are your business, personal, and professional relationships all you want them to be?

Do you make building relationships your number one priority?

Do you trust those with whom you are building relationships?

Building relationships can be stressful.

Truly trusting, and proactive relationships take time.  Time to listen to, and learn from each other.

Are you ready to take your relationships to the next level?

Yes, you can choose to…

…create a lasting relationship.

…get out of your comfort zone to get to the next level of your relationships.

…invest in your self while building your business, and personal relationships.

…make a difference in each others lives.

…take building relationships seriously.

…use a proactive approach, and ask lots questions.

At the end of the day, the secret is…

You must be bold to be great in building relationships.

Whether for business, personal or professional reasons relationship and/or team building is a necessary major skill required to achieve one’s dream/goal, what ever the dream/goal is.

Here a few keys, and guidelines to remember, and use…

Look at the building process not the content.

Relationship/team member participation is important.

Relationship/team member satisfaction is critical.

Capitalize on your differences.

Identify your goals.

Identify the relationship/team goals.

Identify, and discuss the issues that block your relationship/team building efforts.

Look at your conflict, and empowerment issues.

Identify the conflict issues.

Identify the empowerment issues.

Build rapport by mirroring each other.

Understand audio, visual, and kinesthetic communication styles.  Identify your communication style preference:


Recognize behavioral cues that signal various communication styles.  (This is one of keys to better, and more effective communications)

[Source : J. William Pfeiffer and John E. Jones, A Handbook of Structured Experiences for Human Relations Training]

[February 26, 2010]

Did you know that building relationships depend on your values, and your self awareness?

Values are defined as principles, standards, or qualities which guide human actions. [Source : Wikipedia.com]

Your values appear in every area of your life.

Your values begin with you.

Concentrate on what you do best — projects in which you value your unique talents.

Do you know your values, and the values of your friends, customers, and clients?

Establishing, and setting your priorities according to what you value most means knowing what you value, what you want,and arranging what you want in the order of what matters to you most.

Focus your energy on what you value most, and be prepared for change.  Your needs, and desires invariably change, so reexamine your priorities at least every five weeks.

Bottom line, building relationships you must value your self, and value others!

Learn to live your values.  Get out of your comfort zone, and focus on what really matters to you as you ask your self these questions…

Do I really want what I value?

What do I value?

What do I want to value?

What feelings do I have about my self that may influence my values?

What thoughts do I have about my self, and my ability to want what I value?

At the end of the day,  focusing on your values as you continue to build your relationships makes your heart sing.

[November 2, 2010]

Building inspiring relationships require a commitment — your commitment

As you consider whether making this commitment to building inspiring relationships is worth your time — and your money — consider this…

”When is a good time?”

As you consider making this commitment decision to do something, do not settle for “trying” to do something.  A commitment to building inspiring relationships is for the long term — for as long as it takes.

A commitment to building inspiring relationships takes overcoming obstacles, patience, and tenacity of purpose.

Do you know your purpose, and is your commitment a sincere, and steadfast act of binding your self — emotionally and intellectually — to this course of action of making a commitment to building inspiring relationships?

Making a commitment to building inspiring relationships to enjoy, and trust your self so you are able to share your self with others in your business, personal, and professional life.

Making a commitment to building inspiring relationships is an empowering, magnificent, and miraculous experience where you find your self having fun in your business, personal, and professional life.

Making a commitment to building inspiring relationships is making a pledge to find your purpose in these relationships; making a pledge to collaborate with others to develop new concepts, and ideas you are unable to create alone.

[July 1, 2011]

Are your relationships — for you — always about the other person?

Have you ever felt like you lose your self in your business, personal, and professional relationships, and said to your self “I don’t know how to have a relationship without losing my self?” or in your love relationships “I don’t know how to love without losing my self.

Start the healing process by first starting with your self!

Staying grounded keeps you from losing your self in any relationship.

Whether you are laying down, sitting or standing, to stay grounded keep your feet parallel to each other shoulder width apart as you follow your breath move through your body without any thinking/thought.  When you catch your self thinking just stop, and focus on your breath.

Stop blaming the situation, others, and your self.

Blaming makes you the victim, and this is what you must stay away from since being, and seeing your self as a victim keeps you the victim.

Rather begin by taking responsibility for your reactions, and your responses. See your self worthy of your relationships.  Ask your self if there is power in you being authentic and transparent?

There is power in being authentic, and transparent when being authentic, and transparent is seen as an opportunity for solutions toward more satisfying, and stronger relationships.

Being authentic, and transparent takes being aware, accepting, and acknowledging of your self, and your values by being a trusted advisor in your relationships honestly, and respectfully rather than a transactional handler.

What if moving from being a transactional handler to a trusted advisor lowers your distress, and eustress?

Are you ready…

…to be irresistible, and remarkable?

…to make irresistible, and remarkable decisions?

Authenticity, credibility, low self-orientation, reliability, and transparency are the strategies of a trusted advisor.

Being a trusted advisor means caring about…

…generosity, and kindness as the focus of any transaction in your life.

…the concerns of others rather than your own.

…the outcome that is beneficial for every one rather than the bottom-line.

Today is the day for you to recognize that you are able to be a trusted advisor to others, and to your self.

The key is to be, and know you are honest, respectful, and safe; to be you when you put the utmost value on your relationships.

[March 1, 2012]

Here are a few lessons that must be learned in building relationships that honor, and respect values, and self-esteem…

  • Being a believer, confident, and self-reliant avoids being overwhelmed, and underwhelmed.
  • Challenges left behind are lessons learned!
  • Creative collaborations challenge your limiting beliefs.
  • Energy blocks in the body are unconscious attitudes that suppress a sense of self.
  • On an unconscious level both emotion, and thought are affected by these energy blocks.
  • Sharing the law of attraction (e.g. this is happening tends to make this happen) when you hear, and read others talking, and writing in future uncertain terms such as “could/would be.”
  • Tension in the body is an energy block in the body.
  • Unresolved issues produce tension in the body that create distress.
  • Using psychology, the study of human behavior to attract what you want for/from others, and for/from your self.

[November 1, 2012]

Here are a few more lessons that must be learned in building inspiring relationships that honor, and respect values, and self-esteem…

Since all relationships are unique;  inspiring relationships need, and require authenticity, and collaboration.

Here are a few ideas on authenticity, and collaboration for your consideration…

…being in the moment with awareness is the key to authenticity!

…caring for others, and your self is a declaration of authenticity!

…your body language communicates your authenticity!

…your eye contact proclaims your authenticity!

…your transparency reveals your authenticity!

And collaboration changes lives by…

…looking at situations from a new perspective.

…making a difference in connecting, and engaging.

…requiring friendships with various levels of courage.

…thinking outside the box.

…trusting, and willing to communicate authentically, openly, and transparently.

Conclusions, and takeaways

Since each one of us is a potential change agent in this emerging global economy we must never forget how we make others feel.  Therefore, knowing how we feel about our authenticity, and our willingness for collaboration is essential, necessary, and required.

The choice is yours!

[June 30, 2013]

What do you believe is going to move you closer  to your inspiring relationship goals… to the life you desire, and want… to the career you desire, and want… to the respect you desire, and want?

Action or wishing…

Action — of course — since action requires you to know the reason for, and benefits of your inspiring relationship goals are more important than the goals themselves.

Do your inspiring relationship goals, empower you; and excite you to take action?

For each of your inspiring relationship goals you must be willing to increase, and show your passion, your commitment, and your determination.

Go ahead “raise your sights… see possibilities” — take action, and achieve your inspiring relationship goals.

[This information is intended for your knowledge only. You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition and/or situation]

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