Opus 9a – Coda: StressBytes, StressTips & The Art of Being…

Have you ever wondered what words are more convincing, more inspiring, more motivational, and more powerful? Words that make your world rock. words that make your heart, and world sing?   I have, and this series of StressBytes, and StressTips  have been created, and designed to do just that —  for your consideration…

  • Just imagine starting your day with breathing naturally, and normally.
  • Just imagine your day saving your energy by being, and doing only in the present moment.
  • Just imagine not thinking for just this moment.

Leaders excel in stress, and time management keys by managing, overcoming, and reducing their stress levels with the following StressBytes, and StressTips.

  • StressByte 1008: Being appreciated transforms the landscape of existence!
  • StressTip: Being appreciated matters!
  • StressByte 1009: Being bold takes certainty, courage, and letting go of FEAR – False Expectations Appearing Real!
  • StressTip: Being bold matters!
  • StressByte 1010: Being collaborative encourages, and enhances creativity!
  • StressTip:  Being collaborative matters!
  • StressByte 1011: Being distressed is different than being stressed!
  • StressTip:  Being distressed matters!
  • StressByte 1012: Being energized is a passion of the body, mind, and soul!
  • StressTip:  Being energized matters!
  • StressByte 1013: Being fantastic is compelling, and makes your heart sing!
  • StressTip:  Being fantastic matters!
  • StressByte 1014: Being gentle is to experience the joy of life, and living!
  • StressTip:  Being gentle matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1048: Being quick in the present moment  transforms your intentions into fascinating key results!
  • StressTip: Being quick matters!
  • StressByte 1049: Being resilient during disruptive moments helps by focusing on what matters!
  • StressTip: Being resilient matters!
  • StressByte 1050: Being supported, and supportive are powered by love, loyalty, and respect!
  • StressTip: Being supported matters!
  • StressByte 1051: Being tenacious is grounded in knowing, and getting exactly what is wanted!
  • StressTip: Being tenacious matters!
  • StressByte 1052: Being uncertain is an essential part of creativity, learning, and trusting!
  • StressTip: Being uncertain matters!
  • StressByte 1053: Being vigilant lowers distress, and eustress!
  • StressTip: Being vigilant matters!
  • StressByte 1054: Being warmhearted closes the gap between people — the choice is yours!
  • StressTip: Being warmhearted matters!
  • StressByte 1055: Your years reflect your mastery, meaning, and motivation of life, and living!
  • StressTip: Your years matter!
  • StressByte 1056: Your agility is needed for your creativity, leadership. and learning!
  • StressTip: Your agility matters!
  • StressByte 1057: Your breathing is a valuable tool for relaxation!
  • StressTip: Your breathing matters!
  • StressByte 1058: Your concern for others makes difference to everyone!
  • StressTip: Your concern matters!
  • StressByte 1059: Your day is the result of your choices, decisions, and energy!
  • StressTip: Your day matters!
  • StressByte 1060: Your education is an exploration, and a reflection of your interest!
  • StressTip: Your education matters!
  • StressByte 1061: Your future depends on your choices, decisions, and energy in the present moment!
  • StressTip: Your future matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1067: Your lessons are learned by facing, and working through your challenges, fears, and obstacles!
  • StressTip: Your lessons matter!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1069: Your novelty is your adaptive, brilliant, and creative uniqueness!
  • StressTip: Your novelty matters!
  • StressByte 1070: Your offers must develop empowering focus!
  • StressTip: Your offers matter!
  • StressByte 1071: Your perspective tells your story!
  • StressTip: Your perspective matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1075: Your being thorough is time well-spent!
  • StressTip: Your being thorough matters!
  • StressByte 1076: Your being upset can change obstacles into opportunities!
  • StressTip: Your being upset matters!
  • StressByte 1077: Your being vital is your window of opportunity to accept, and acknowledge!
  • StressTip: Your being vital matters!
  • StressByte 1078: Your being willing helps in creating the life you want!
  • StressTip: Your being willing matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1081: Your body-language is a reflection of your emotions, intentions, and judgments!
  • StressTip: Your body-language matters!
  • StressByte 1082: Your clarity is needed to be available, involved, and motivated!
  • StressTip: Your clarity matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1085: Your focus is being confident in knowing the direction that is right for you!
  • StressTip: Your focus matters!
  • StressByte 1086: Your goodwill is a calling that changes lives, and living
  • StressTip: Your goodwill matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1135: Being jubilant is on common ground with being glad to be alive!
  • StressTip: Being jubilant matters!

~ to be continued…

  • StressByte 1149: Being accepted is found in the acceptance of being!
  • StressTip: Being accepted matters!
  • StressByte 1150: Being better is a choice!
  • StressTip: Being better matters!
  • StressByte 1151: Being confident awakens possibilities!
  • StressTip: Being confident matters!

   ~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1166: Your routine is a ritual when creative energy is respected, and shared!
  • StressTip: Your routine matters!
  • StressByte 1167: Your story is unique, and your choice to tell!
  • StressTip: Your story matters!
  • StressByte 1168: Your tension comes from energy blocks, and is your body speaking!
  • StressTip: Your tension matters!
  • StressByte 1169: Your uniqueness comes from lessons learned,and works when shared!
  • StressTip: Your uniqueness matters!
  • StressByte 1170: Your versatility offers abundant opportunities to make a difference in the world!
  • StressTip: Your Versatility matters!
  • StressByte 1171: Your worry is a negative attitude that prevents positive attitudes to be expressed, and shared!
  • StressTip: Your worry matters!
  • StressByte 1172: Your ability to build powerful connections, and relationships is found in lessons learned!
  • StressTip: Your ability matters!
  • StressByte 1173: Your being in the moment is unique, powerful, and reflects your values!
  • StressTip: Your being matters!
  • StressByte 1174: Your creativity changes lives by being a bold, and brave experience!
  • StressTip: Your creativity matters!
  • StressByte 1175: Your destiny is mediated by choices, and decisions made!
  • StressTip: Your destiny matters!
  • StressByte 1176: Your empowerment is a reflection of learned values!
  • StressTip: Your empowerment matters!
  • StressByte 1177: Your fidelity is a commitment, loyalty, and trust in others!
  • StressTip: Your fidelity matters!
  • StressByte 1178: Your goal works when aligned with your life purpose!
  • StressTip: Your goal matters!
  • StressByte 1179: Your happiness is the key to learning, living, and loving!
  • StressTip: Your happiness matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1209: Your optimism as a life skill is essential, and sustainable in living with courage creatively!
  • StressTip: Your optimism matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1257:  Being proactive as a choice examines challenges, obstacles, and regrets  prior to decision making!
  • StressTip: Being proactive matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1280: Being outgoing as a choice requires feelings of safety, security, and strength!
  • StressTip: Being outgoing matters!
  • StressByte 1281: Being present in each moment is a choice, and a learning process in acceptance, adaptation, and awareness of others, and self!
  • StressTip: Being present matters!

~ to be continued… ~

  • StressByte 1372: Being motivated to live life on purpose with creativity, encouragement, enthusiasm, and support makes the impossible possible!
  • StressTip: Being motivated matters!

More coming soon…


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