Opus 9c – Coda: Acknowledgements

Thank you for your guidance, inspiration, patience, and wisdom for me to grab hold, and grow.

Thumbs up to you who have been instrumental in getting this heartfelt expression of life, and living to this awesome conclusion.

I know who you are, and you know who you are.  Now let our readers know who you are…

My gratitude, heartfelt, and sincere thank you go to…

* My parents for your lessons on life, living, and a passion for leadership.

* My children for your individual, and unique abilities to be self-starters, and liking people.

* My grandchildren for your creative curiosity, your joy, your love, and memories shared.

* My clients for your individual growth in willing to see obstacles as opportunities.

* My fans, family, followers, and friends for your caring love, and support.

* Margaret Anderson, PhD for your attention to turning challenges into workable ideas, and my concerns as your student.

* Barbara Baker for your caring, and consistent love in seeing ideas through with style.

* Elaine Tuccillo-Baum, PhD for your compassion, and encouragement to avoid taking on others’ fears.

* Scott Baum, PhD for your caring attention in responding to personal, and professional issues.

* John Bellis, MD for your acceptance of personal, and professional growth.

* Chris Brogan for your superior assistance, direction, and guidance in sharing your knowledge, and skills.

* Jim Busis for your compassion, leadership, and respect.

* Pema Chadron for your goodness that continues to touch my life.

* Jennifer Cooney for your being my confidant, friend, and loyal service provider.

* Penny Crary, PhD for your caring, loving, and motivational attention.

* Ryland Crary, PhD for your acknowledgement of my love of learning, and sharing.

* Abbie Drew for your magnificent introduction to the World Wide Web.

* Wayne Dyer, PhD for your respect for, and of life, and living.

* Kevin Eikenberry for your consistent reminder of my leadership skills.

* David Engel, PhD for your resourceful availability during my academic life.

* Jonathan Farrington, PhD for your sharing your exceptional ‘World Class Sales Solutions’ with me.

* Seth Godin for your examination, and exploration of ideas.

* Jeffrey Gitomer for your acceptance of my professional views.

* Leo and Rochelle Goldberg for your unconditional love.

* Sally Hogshead for your enriching help to ‘fascinate’ my personal, and professional choices.

* Shel Israel for your welcoming my perspective on your professional life.

* Byron Katie for your empathetic leadership.

* Carl Kirsch, MD for your respectful encouragement on my personal, and professional growth.

* Robert Lewis, MD for your visionary assistance toward my personal, and professional life.

* Alexander Lowen, MD for your ‘Bioenergetic Analysis’ life-work altering the direction of my life.

* Joseph A. Michelle, PhD for your faith in me, and my work.

* Scott Miner for your acceptance of my views on life, and living.

* John Pierrakos, MD for your ‘Core-Energetic’ influence on my personal, and professional life.

* Terry Santino for your faith in me, and my progress.

* Mark W. Schaefer for your boundless challenging creative ability to tap into the human spirit.

* Brian Solis for your willingness to consistently raise my awareness of customer experience.

* Jayme Soulati for your love of life, and living shared with me.

* Ken Steinberg for your steadfast assistance in my personal, and professional life.

* Liz Strauss for your love of life, and living.

* Adelaide Sukiennik for your outstanding assistance in collecting, and sharing resources for my graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

* Eckhart Tolle for your life influence on ‘being present in the now’.

* Jamie Lee Wallace for your sharing your love of, and skill in writing.

* Arne Welhaven, MD for your caring attention in making my life’s mission possible.

* Marcia Yudkin for your contributions to my professional life.

* Robert Zimmerman, MD for your heart-felt support of my being, and my soul.

To be continued…

In the event I have overlooked anyone, you have my deepest apology, and regret.

Thank you for sharing the lessons I needed, and wanted to learn.

You have touched my heart, and my soul helping me grow with lessons learned; and for that I am grateful, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You make my heart sing every moment of every day!!!


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