Opus 3 – Your Marketing and Sales Approach: A proactive approach

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier…

~ Mother Teresa ~

How many times have you heard “your business is only as good as your last sale?”

Does this statement get you wondering about your marketing, and sales approach; and the value of your promotional techniques?

Do you look at…

…anticipating your clients, and customers needs?

…beimg an expert at listening to your clients, and customers?

…focusing on new business by reminding people about the great business you have?

…how many new big ideas you have each day?

…what makes for a thriving business?

…what strategies you use to gain your clients, your customers?

…what your core strengths are? (You must know them to focus on, and use them.)

A proactive approach to your marketing, and sales has promotional value, and is all about going beyond what you know your realm of possibilities are.

Remember… your satisfied clients, and customers do come back.

[September 23, 2008]

One of the most powerful proactive marketing strategy tool available for your business today is eMail.  By using eMail, you are able to solidify your existing relationships, initiate new ones, and convert visitors to your web site (you do have a web site don’t you?) into life-long, and repeat clients, and customers.

Realize the power of eMail marketing by targeting to the interests, needs, and wants of your client, and customer base.

Knowing what is important to your clients, and to your customers motivates them to take action.

Anticipate your clients, and your customers’ needs, and deliver more than expected.

[May 27, 2009]

Focus on being proactive, making a difference, and trust in your marketing, and sales approach.

Did you know that being proactive makes your marketing, and sales projects go faster with less stress?

To complete your projects faster with less stress, plan, and look through each project by visualizing the sequence of events required to achieve your goal in the fewest number of steps possible, and include only those steps that are more effective, and productive.

Be sure you remember to consider the consequences of your steps by asking yourself this question…

Can I live with the consequences of these steps?

You may be able to remove any stress-filled obstacle to your progress in achieving your goals before they happen when you know what consequences you are willing to accept.

This is being proactive.

[January 29, 2010]

Here are a few marketing tips found to be helpful to move you to the next level.

Ask questions; be a better listener; create a conversational atmosphere; discover others interests; engage others in conversation; get followers on Twitter; and get to know…

Who is dissatisfied with their job

Who is unhappy with their income

Who is concerned about the environment

Who is money oriented or money motivated

Who owns their own business

Who enjoys being around high energy people

Who quit their job or is out of work

Who needs extra money

Your friends

Your brothers, and sisters

Your parents

Your cousins

Your children

Your aunts, and uncles

Your spouse’s relatives

Who went to school with you

Who works with you

Who is retired

See more approaches here…

[September 26, 2010]

Do you subscribe to this idea that “the only marketing tip you’ll ever need” is People. Need. Things?

While this idea may be true for some, this writer wonders then how does one market ideas, information, and services.  People need ideas, information, and services as well.

Ideas, information, and services that help resolve issues that beckon to be addressed.

Among them being authenticity, disease, distress, ecology, economy, empathetic listening, generosity, poverty, sharing, transparency…

And the list goes on, and on, and on…

Go ahead, and fill in your own ideas, information, and services that need to be marketed, and how you go about marketing them.

How do you go about selling your ideas, information, and services?

For as Harry Beckwith writes in his book Selling the Invisible on page 246 “…in the minds of prospects, understanding how people think helps you understand how to market and sell.”

[June 3, 2011]

Acceptance, and knowledge of how your clients, and customers view their world helps you accept, and know how to market, and sell to them.

How often are you faced with this marketing dilemma, and questions…

Being a more effective marketer is having clients, and customers in mind, or products, and services in mind?

Brings up the larger question…

Is the tipping point to any relationship — business, and personal — where the focus is placed on — the other or the self — the client, and customer or the product, and service?

Answers may be found by using the following rules of engagement for marketers, marketing, sales, and selling:

1. Authenticity, and transparency in sharing of product, and service

2. Delivering customer service as a trusted advisor rather than a transactional handler

3. Relevancy of product, and service to client, and customer needs, and requirements

When was the last time you thought of your rules of engagement for your marketing, and sales approach?

[February 1, 2012]

We all encounter — at one time or another – experiences that do not address our needs, and requirements.

Being a trusted advisor rather than a transactional handler has an emotional component of empathy we all ask for, need, and require when faced with a condition, issue or situation we are unable to handle alone in our marketing, and sales approach.

Are you ready to be empathetic?  Are you ready to make empathetic decisions in your proactive marketing, and sales approach?

Empathy is the strategy a trusted advisor uses in her, and his proactive marketing, and sales approach.

Being a trusted advisor means caring about the concerns of others rather than caring about your bottom-line, and your own concerns.

Being a trusted advisor means caring more about empathy, generosity, and kindness as the focus of all of the transactions in your proactive marketing, and sales approach.

Being a trusted advisor means caring about the outcome that is beneficial for every one.

By moving from being a transactional handler to a trusted advisor you begin to lower your distress as well as the distress of others.

So are you ready to be a trusted advisor in your proactive marketing, and sales approach?

To survive, you must be a trusted advisor in your business, personal, and professional life.

What steps are you taking to be a trusted advisor in your proactive marketing, and sales approach?

[September 30, 2012]

Networking is another proactive marketing tool that is both challenging, and exciting,  If you’ve lived anywhere for a long period of time, you know many people, and you most likely know what they do.

Every one of us has this ready-made network; unfortunately most of us are not aware of or even know that this network exists.

As noted earlier, this ready-made network includes your family, friends, dentist, doctor, lawyer, neighbors, church, club, and synagogue members, sport buddies, your kids’ friends’ parents, and people with whom you do business.  Identifying, and using your existing ready-made personal network is an exciting, and powerful strategy for you to reach your target niches to increase your business.  With this active, and growing network of people who benefit from their association with you, you can count on getting help from them when you want.

According to Nancy Roebke, Executive Director of Profnet Inc. knowing how these people can help you is “one of the biggest challenges facing anyone using networking as a marketing tool.”  As you continue to develop your proactive marketing network, begin to learn proactive marketing network strategies to help you meet your obligation to your clients, your customers, your membership, and your self.

We look forward to supporting you on your proactive marketing networking strategy journey; so let us know your proactive marketing, and sales approach by posting your comments below.

[May 31, 2013]

Here are questions to ask your self repeatedly…

Am i ready to take my marketing, and sales approach to the next level?

Do I make my decisions with consequences in mind?

Is my marketing, and sales approach proactive?

Using a proactive approach for your marketing, and sales decisions means knowing whether you can live the consequences of your decisions — makes these decisions work for you, and for those to whom you present them.

A truly proactive marketing, and sales approach takes time.  Time to learn from, and listen to your clients, and customers: as well as the world around you.  Yes, you are able to choose to be remarkable in your marketing, and sales approach by…

…creating a lasting impression.

…how much you are willing to invest in yourself.

…making a difference in people’s lives.

…taking your marketing, and sales approach seriously.

…the questions you ask.

…using an 8 dimension proactive marketing and sales approach.


8 Dimensions Proactive Marketing and Sales Approach
Creativity and Empowerment
Marketing in the 21st Century : Building Relationships with Less Stress
Listen To and Heed Your Inner Voice
Motivational News You Can Use eBook

At the end of the day… the secret is taking your marketing, and sales approach seriously.

Share your feelings, and thoughts with others here because now is the time to take your marketing, and sales approach seriously.

We encourage, and support you on taking your marketing, and sales approach seriously.

[This information is intended for your knowledge only. You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition, and/or situation]

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