Opus 5 – Self-Esteem, and Believing in Your Self: Always set the stage

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

Do you trust yourself?

Is your self-esteem, and believing in your self all that you want it to be?

Is your self-esteem, and believing in your self your number one priority?

Your self-esteem, and believing in your self takes time; time to listen to, and learn from others, and your self. This process may cause you some stressful moments.

To take your self-esteem, and believing in your self to the next level you must choose to

…create a lasting impression.

…get out of your comfort zone.

…invest in your self.

…make a difference.

…take your self seriously.

…use a proactive approach, and ask “what, and who is going to stop me?”

The secret to your self-esteem, and believing in your self is to be bold, to be great, and to think big. Take what matters most to you, and live each day with culture, ideas, and passion.

Remember to always set the stage.

[November 24, 2008]

Before you are able to set the stage to believe, and trust your self you must learn to listen to your inner voice, and live strong.

Here is how…

Appreciate life by choosing wisely, and choosing well. (Not choosing is also a choice.)

Become aware of your strengths.

Believe in your self, and stop sabotaging your self.

Remember, life is full of opportunities.

We all have learned scripts to manage our emotions.

These learned scripts may need some adjustments to reflect who you are, and what you want so that you “take charge of your life.”

[July 28, 2009]

To “take charge of your life” you must be willing to let go of your self-defeating behavior.

Are your emotions, what you are feeling making you sick?

Suppressing your emotional physical feelings is not the answer since these emotional physical feelings tend to show themselves in your attitude, and in your behavior.

Allow your self to be open to the possibility that emotional physical feelings are just your emotional physical feelings.

They are not you.

Do not let your self be directed, and motivated by them.

Since emotional physical feelings are irrational, you are able to take control of your life by making a decision to accept your emotional physical feelings, not act on them, and then let them go so they don’t defeat you.

This can be accomplished by being aware of what you are feeling moment to moment, and asking:

1. Am I able, and willing to let this emotional physical feeling go?

2. Can I let this emotional physical feeling go?

3. When am I going to let this emotional physical feeling go?

[March 28, 2010]

Do you know that what you believe, you achieve?

The first thing you are selling — that they are buying — is you, and your beliefs. Before you can even talk about your product or service, you have to establish a trusting relationship. When you leave a message on a prospect’s voice mail sell your self first, and not your product or service.

Do you know that you know more than you know?

You can influence the outcome you want by getting to the point, being direct, having your facts right, and knowing that the difference between right, and wrong is — wrong creates suffering, and right ends suffering.

Do you know that to believe is great, to achieve makes believing great?

By changing your attitudes you can change your life. Keep your self motivated, on track, and moving forward. Avoid procrastination, do what needs to be done when what needs to be done. Break away from the realities, and rules that keep you from achieving your next level of success.

Do you know that your business, your career, and your life works to the extent that you keep your word?

Surround yourself with caring, loving, passionate, and positive people — clients, family, friends, and prospects.

Do you know that your business, your career, and your life success can be created by breaking away from your old fear-based model of doing business, and living, to a new love-base model?

Fear is the enemy, love is the cure.

The truest aspect of every career, and life is found in unbounded potential. Only you put limits on your career, and your life. To find fulfillment in your career, and your life you must know your purpose. We are all born with a purpose.

Let’s begin to find your purpose…

Define your purpose by listing a few of your personal qualities, and how you enjoy expressing them. Your purpose is something that is happening now, and not something that will happen after certain conditions are met. For example, my associates, and my purpose is “to use our creativity, and enthusiasm to encourage, and support others as we freely express, and share our talents.” It is important that you read, and say your purpose each day, especially when things are not going the way you want.

[December 2, 2010]

After receiving many questions related to knowing how-to love without losing one’s self, let’s begin to address, and take a chance at answering this life experience issue here-and-now!

Know, and accept your self!

Know your purpose for being here, and alive in this world!

Begin to feel the shifts you experience when in a relationship. Decide whether you are OK with the shifts in your emotional physical feelings, thoughts, and perspectives.

Make decisions that reflect what you know about your self, and accept your self.

“To thy own self be true” works wonders!

After all is said, and done, authenticity, and transparency is all the rage — and a requirement — in this “social media technology time” of our lives where blogging, facebook, and twitter etal is a way to get noticed globally in business, and in life.

[July 31, 2011]

The following thoughts about the law of attraction come from “The Secret” movie.

Accepting that you are the creator of your life — your future, and your present life –are you able to see how you are the creator of your destiny in each moment of your day?

By being present in every moment, and seizing every moment you are the creator of your life.

Do you agree with, and believe in the law of attraction?

The more you use the law of attraction the more you are going to appreciate, enjoy using, and grasping the meaning of this law.

What you feel, what you think about happens in your life; and what you resist — exists.

You are, and you become what you feel, and what you think about, your thoughts create your emotional, and physical feelings, and your emotional, and physical feelings create your thoughts.

Your energy flows where your attention goes so you might as well focus on what you want, and stop focusing on what you don’t want by using your full emotional, intellectual, and physical potential.

Your feelings create this attraction, and not your thoughts alone.

[March 30, 2012]

We all possess a combination of abilities, interests, and talents that are unique to each one of us.

Do you know yours?

Now you can discover your combination of unique abilities, interests, and talents by answering the following questions.

Are you a self-starter?

Do you like people?

Do you see obstacles as opportunities and turn challenges into workable projects?

Are you creatively curious, take charge, and see things through with style?

Do you have a calm body, and a quiet mind?

Do you listen with, and speak from your heart, and your mind?

Do you say what you mean, and mean what you say?

Are you a kind, considerate, loveable, honest, and trustworthy decision maker, and leader; and always eager to learn things as well as rely on what you already know?

Are you resource full, and not afraid to ask for help; and follow gracefully?

There are a realm of possibilities on “how-to” believe, and trust your self.

To open your self to the realm of possibilities you must be still, and pay attention to your breath, and to the feelings that come up.

To master, and support the realm of possibilities in your life you must have a calm body, and a quiet mind to accept your unique abilities, interests, and talents.

As you accept your feelings, and you begin to let go of your physical tensions — you begin to relax.

In this relaxed state of being, you find solutions to your “set the stage” questions of believing in your self, and your self-esteem.

Continue doing this as long as you want, and repeat as often as you want during each day.

[December 2, 2012]

Believing, and trusting your self comes from being responsible; and being responsible is being “response-able” — being able to respond — to every circumstance, and situation that comes your way.

Having thoughts, and feelings about certain issues, and being responsible, able to respond from your perspective requires you to believe, and trust in your life’s purpose, what you know, and feel to be true for sure.

Making things happen that bring you what you choose requires you to believe, and trust in your life’s purpose, what you know, and feel to be true for sure.

Being responsible when you are challenged requires you to…

1. know your life’s purpose.

2. believe, and trust in your life’s purpose.

3. commit yourself to living your life’s purpose.

4 continue the action steps that lead you to your life’s purpose.

Commit yourself to your personal growth, and development because personal growth, and development is the purpose of life, and your personal growth, and development begins with your life’s purpose.

Believe, and trust in what you know, and feel to be true for sure so that your business, and personal life works for you.

Believe, and trust your life’s purpose.

Believe, and trust your dreams.

[August 4, 2013]

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like when you take charge of your life, your relationships, and your world?

Your self-esteem has an impact on the way your life, your relationships, and your world works.

You begin to feel your self-esteem when others’ desires, expectations, and needs come into your life. When you find yourself taking on their desires, expectations, and needs you begin to forget your desires, expectations, and needs.

Further, without contact with your body, you have no sense of your self — no sense of what you want, no sense of who you are. You appear to be controlled by life, your relationships, and the world.

Self-esteem is related to the beliefs you have about who you are — your self-image.

In my profession — helping people with their life issues — I have found those with self-esteem issues choose to be the victim. and tend to blame others instead of being positive, and proactive by taking responsibility for the choices they have made, and are making

Those with self-esteem issues tend to take the role of ‘learned helplessness’ a concept developed by Martin Seligman.

Dr. Seligman’s research captures this belief that ‘regardless of what I do nothing really will change, so why even put in any effort to change.’

Once a feeling of ‘learned helplessness’ begins to dominate, situations elicit feelings of defeat, distress, and resignation.

In contrast individuals faced with similar situations, who remain optimistic, and positive are able to solve problems with greater effectiveness.

Many home-based entrepreneurs limit themselves, and their potential with a limited perspective and/or an inadequate self-image.

For many people working from home decision-making, motivation, and time-management are critical!

Bottom line: your self-esteem, and belief in your self is a matter of choice.

For your consideration here are a few ideas on how-to ‘always set the stage’…

    • Choice changes everything in your life, and in your work place.
    • Choose to make your dreams, and your goals a reality by taking action today is worth your energy, and your time.
    • In every area of your life the universal law of attraction responds to your actions, your emotions, and your thoughts.
    • Learn to accept, and to love your mistakes.
    • Step up, and move your business, your career, and your life to greatness by focusing on, and realizing the true magnitude of your life’s purpose.
    • What I believe I receive.
    • You gain mastery in every area of your life when your actions, your emotions, and your thoughts are authentic, and congruent; and when you are mindful of the life you want with appreciation, and gratitude every moment of every day.
    • Personal changes that come from within have an impact on the outside world. The choice is yours!

[This information is intended for your knowledge only. You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition and/or situation]

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