Opus 7 – Motivation News You Can Use: Look for solutions, not problems

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

~ Steve Martin ~ 

Do you motivate your self?

Do you wait for others to motivate you?

Is what motivates you all that you want your motivation to be?

Is your motivation your number one priority?

What motivates you?

Motivation takes time — time to listen, and learn to trust your self.

By trusting your self, you change your life from ordinary to one that is extraordinary, and remarkable.

This process may cause you some stress.

To take your motivation to the next level you must choose to…

…get out of your comfort zone.

…invest in your self.

…make a difference.

…take your self seriously.

…use a proactive approach, and look for solutions.

The secret to motivation is being bold, confident, and looking for BIG.

[January 25, 2009]

A recent poll on Contests & Polls shows the following results from 157 respondents [updated 06/03/14]

Being creative — 5.1%

Being famous — 10.19%

Being loved — 12.74%

Being successful — 3.18%

Having a meaningful life — 28.66%

Helping others — 25.48%

Making money — 13.38%

Seeking approval — 0.64%

Other — 1%

Motivation comes from listening to the lessons life gives you.

Motivation comes from within.

Motivation comes from your life’s purpose.

Motivation comes from your expectations, so keep your expectations high, and positive.

Ever wonder what stops you from achieving what you want?  Start by being aware of your self-imposed barriers.   Become aware of your behaviors, and habits, especially the ones that are hurting you.  Do you look at things negatively?

Do you avoid conflicts,  overeat, over-react, procrastinate,? Are you disorganized?

You can overcome self-sabotage by first being aware of how you sabotage yourself.   You will see amazing results once you decide to accept, and change these self-imposed barriers.

The choice is yours!

Yes, the choice is yours to have options to remain motivated; to remain calm when you start to lose your temper; to stay effective when you are upset; and productive when you feel overwhelmed.

So what does it take to be motivated, and overcome self-sabotage?  It takes courage, and self-discipline.  Yes indeed, it takes courage, and self-discipline to say No! to the behaviors, and habits that are hurting you, and getting in the way of getting what you want.

It takes looking for solutions not problems.

You can improve your relationship with your self, and others.

Overcoming self-sabotage is your chance, and your choice to develop the motivation, and the self-esteem that you, and others respond to, and respect.

Bottom line…

Are you a follower or a leader?

[October 1, 2009]

A leader creates trends by looking for solutions.

What trends have you recently created?

What trends are you planning to create this year?

Creating trends is all about being proactive in your decision making; and encouraging people of all ages to become excited, and involved in discovering the trends you have created.

Understanding the driving forces behind trends is the first step to get your business, and your life at the cutting edge of shaping the future for others, and for your self.

To understand, manage, and profit from the side effects of change, go ahead raise your sights — see possibilities, and explore creating trends for other, and for your self.

Here are a few motivational tips you can use beginning today…

An essential ingredient to being a leader, and being motivated is to have a commitment to your project, to your service, and to your self.

Leaders ask for, and give motivational help is a gift they are able to give to others.

Creativity, determination, and imagination are rare motivational
opportunities that leaders use.

Discover your leadership skill, and your motivation by valuing your creativity, determination, and imagination.

Leaders love what they do, and do what they love.

People only remember how they feel with what you say.

Leaders take action by offering, revealing, and sharing their skills to help, and be of service to others.

Leaders turn their wants, and their wishes into plans for action.

At the end of the day, are you motivated to be the best leader you can be in your business, personal, and professional life?

[May 31, 2010]

Turning our attention to what motivated, and motivates baby boomers’ problems, solutions, and thoughts (sociologists, and the media define those born between 1946 and 1964 as “baby boomers.” via The Boomers, the Gen-Xers… and Beyond); and as seen through the eyes of a mother of baby boomers…

Boomers are career focused, financially focused, and self-centered on one side; and on the other side they want to change the world they found and grew up in.

For boomers, their homes are their lifestyle more than their shelter.

Boomers feel they must break all the rules they grew up with, and into.  Boomers like to show their wealth.  What other place is there than your home to show your wealth? (via Tom Brokaw Reports Boomer$)

Boomers now at retirement age feel that cannot afford to and/or do not want to retire.  They still want to make contributions as they continue to argue which contributions are the best; always remembering that when they get sanctimonious, they are unable to hear, and listen to anyone else any more .

[January 28, 2011]

Motivation is really all about engagement, and comes down to the energy you are willing to share with others.

When you begin to realize all of your goals; and by getting out of your comfort zone you move to the next level by avoiding all of your negativity, and pessimism.

You are going to find your energy rise when you love what you are doing; and when you use each word you say, and write to portray life, and living.

[September 22, 2011]

Motivation also comes from within — from your life’s purpose.   As you review your life’s purpose are you finding the feelings that come with being, and living your life’s purpose?

Have you ever noticed when you live your life’s purpose your life moves without any obstacles, and setbacks?

Here are a few thoughts on what happens when you find, and live your life’s purpose; you are…

Being a believer, confident, and self-reliant on what you are here for.

Knowing that your life’s purpose helps you feel empowered as you pursue your goals by staying focused.

Seeing opportunities everywhere.

Sharing your life’s purpose to make your life’s purpose happen.

Uncovering your hidden talents.

Using your life’s purpose to attract what you want from others  and from your self.

One thing is for sure, only through honest questioning, and reflection on your life’s purpose are you able to be a viable role-model for others, and for your self.

To get to know your life’s purpose, notice what you enjoy, what interests you, and what you gravitate towards.

So, are you ready?

[June 1, 2012]

Achieving what you believe is great

By changing your attitudes — your mind-set — you can change your life!  To keep your self motivated, on track, and moving forward avoid procrastination, do what needs to be done!   Break away from what keeps you from achieving your next level.

You achieve what you believe

The first thing you are selling — and they are buying — is you, and your beliefs.  Before you talk about your product or service, you must establish a trusting relationship.  When you leave a message on a prospect’s voice mail sell yourself first, and not your product or service.

You know more than you know

You can influence the outcome you want by getting to the point, being direct, having your facts right, and knowing that the difference between right, and wrong — wrong creates suffering, and right ends suffering.

[January 31, 2013]

Did you know that how you feel about motivation is related to how you feel about your lessons learned about motivation?

Here are some ideas about motivation for your consideration…

…motivation is all around you everywhere!

…motivation fills your life with approval, love, and joy!

…motivation happens when you listen to your inner voice!

…motivation is the commitment you make to others,
and to your self!

…motivation makes your behavioral changes easier!

…motivation reflects your self-esteem!

Conclusions, and takeaways

Accept your feelings about motivation.

Take your lessons learned about motivation to the next level by…

Being present in each moment

Collaborating with others.

Putting your ideas into action

Bottom line…

Choose well by following your dreams…

The choice is yours!

Do you want to know more about how you feel about your lessons learned about motivationPress this link

At the end of the day what are your feelings about your lessons learned about motivation?

Share how you feel about your lessons learned about motivation helps you get more done with less distress here because now is the time for lessons learned about motivation!

Anxiety, and fear are future oriented. and when you stay in the ‘now’ helping people transform their lives — your creativity, passion, and purpose appear to capture your confidence, and imagination.

We encourage you, and support you; and your lessons learned about motivation !

[September 30, 2013]

Do you believe you are unable be motivated to find creative solutions?

Have you considered letting go of having to find creative solutions, and start looking at, and for others to find creative solutions!

Have you wondered what the relationship is between finding creative solutions, and motivation?

Sharing creative solutions rather than problems with others creates the motivation needed, and works for everyone.

We begin our exploration with a few essential ‘motivational news you can use’ resources for your consideration plus complimentary Motivational News You Can Use PDF file [ask for this in the reply section below.]

A calm body, and a quiet mind is a must!

Find your passion, purpose and voice, then help others find theirs.

Get in the game, and be a player.

Keep a journal of your ideas, and feelings.

Make time in your life to learn something new.

Now is the time.

Motivation requires being present in the moment. There is power in the present moment.

At the end of each day finding creative solutions in your business, your personal, and professional life helps in motivation.

Discipline, passion, and patience are key elements needed for your motivation in achieving your goals.

With your attitude of gratitude the more you give the more you get in return.

Tell us about how motivation helps you get more done with less distress in the comment reply section below because motivation is the key to life, living, and making your heart sing.

Thank you for your participation, and your readership. We encourage, and support you in making your heart sing!

[This information is intended for your knowledge only. You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition, and situation]

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